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About the Lottery

The state holds an annual drawing to award newly available licenses to the public. As you probably know, a quota liquor license allows bars, restaurants, and spaces to sell liquor in addition to beer and wine.  Quota licenses are limited in supply by Florida Law, and as a result they can be quite valuable for current operators and prospective licensees. Depending on the county, a quota can be sold for $100,000 - $500,000.

There is a maximum of one quota license for every 7,500 people residing in a particular county. Many counties in Florida are rapidly growing, and existing licenses are sometimes taken from their owners due to legal violations. Members of the public may enter the Lottery and win the right to apply for a quota license.

Feel free to contact us for complimentary assistance with your entry forms. The team at Glover Law has analyzed years of Quota Lottery data, and closely follows entry trends and the annual odds of winning. Winners are selected on a county by county basis. Some counties have better odds than others, but there is no guaranteed strategy. The entry fee is $100 per county.