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Conflict Brewing: Why the 2020 Legislative Session Already Matters

A number of bills that would have shaken up the alcoholic beverage industry were filed by state legislators for the 2019 legislative session. A quick glance at the firm’s Florida Alcohol Legislation Tracker, however, will tell you that zero bills with a direct regulatory impact on alcoholic beverage manufacturing, distributing, or sales were ultimately passed by the House and Senate. The status quo has been preserved, at least for now.

So what does that mean for 2020? The end of session didn’t end the business or regulatory situation that led to these bills in the first place, and many of these issues are likely to return next year. Specifically, the following baskets of issues seem primed to make a come back:

In addition, don’t be surprised when other long-gestating issues (think excise tax cuts, more aggressive beer distributor franchise reform, or more shots at the “Whiskey and Wheaties” wall) reemerge before the end of next session.

Sine die was only four days ago, but it’s already time to start working for 2020.