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Glover Law is a boutique law firm that helps businesses and individuals navigate complex corporate and government affairs matters. The firm works with members of the hospitality industry on issues relating to state licenses, alcohol beverage sales, and potential franchise agreements.

Spotlight: Beer and Wine Licensing Basics

The Spotlight series is intended to provide helpful information about important business and professional licenses issued by the State of Florida. This installation is on what Florida licenses are needed to serve alcohol at catered events.

Glover Law works with applicants for liquor licenses and many other licenses and permits issued by the Department of Business and Profession Regulation. Contact us for more information on the process.

What license do I need to sell beer and wine only at my business?

The beer and wine licenses issued by the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco are a staple of the hospitality industry, utilized by quick service restaurants, cigar lounges, dive bars, corner stores, and many other types of businesses.

  • 1AP licenses permit the sale of beer in packaged sales for off premises consumption.

  • 2AP licenses permit the packaged sale of beer and wine for off premises consumption.

  • 1 COP licenses permit the sale of beer by the drink or in sealed containers for consumption on or off the premises where sold.

  • 2COP licenses permit beer and wine by the drink or in sealed containers for consumption on or off the premises where sold.  All of these license types are also available in dry counties (Lafayette, Liberty , and Washington) as long as there is no more than 6.243% alcohol by volume or 5% by weight.

How do I qualify?

To apply for any of these licenses, one must submit an ABT Form 6001. The application requirements include zoning approval, submission of fingerprints, Department of Revenue clearance, health approval, along with other basic information about the business and its owners.

How much does it cost?

The state’s licensing fees differ based on county population, so be sure to check the permanent fee chart before planning your budget. However, your fee will almost certainly be at the highest end of the range if you live in a densely populated county.

  • 1APS ranges from $28- $140

  • 2APS ranges from $84- $196

  • 1COP ranges from $56-$280

  • 2COP ranges from $168- $392

What else do I need to know?

While awaiting approval from the Division, if eligible, you may purchase a temporary license. Temporary licenses are 1/4 of the permanent license fee or $100, whichever is greater.


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