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Glover Law is a boutique law firm that helps businesses and individuals navigate complex corporate and government affairs matters. The firm works with members of the hospitality industry on issues relating to state licenses, alcohol beverage sales, and potential franchise agreements.

Spotlight: Florida's Temporary Beverage Licenses

The Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco is required to process a completed application within 90 days of receipt. However, instead of making businesses wait for the full application review and investigation before they can open, the Florida Legislature established a more business friendly process.

Under section 561.181 of the Florida Statutes, the Division is required by to issue temporary licenses to applicants that have filed apparently complete applications that do not contain any apparent disqualifying factors. A temporary license carries all the rights and responsibilities of a permanent alcoholic beverage license.

Frankly, nearly every retail beverage client of Glover Law opts for a temporary license because of the incredible time savings it can represent. Those weeks or months of waiting for the state to issue the final approval can be put to better use - the temporary license allows licensees to open their doors and generate revenue,

How do I get a temporary license? .

To receive a temporary license, a business must complete and submit the required license application to the Division. If upon delivery of the completed application, it appears on its face not to disclose any reason for denial, the applicant is permitted to purchase a temporary license

How much does a temporary license cost?

A temporary license is either $100 or 1/4 of the annual license fee, whichever is greater for new and increase in series applications. The temporary fee for transfer applications is $100.

What else do I need to know?

A temporary license expires does not extend beyond the date the Division denies an application for license, beyond 14 days after the date the division approves the application for license or beyond the date the applicant pays the license fee and the division issues the license applied for, whichever date occurs first. If the department issues a notice of intent to deny the license application for failure to disclose information, the initial temporary license expires.