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Bulletin: ABT Publishes Guidance on Free Glassware Statute

The Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco published the following informational bulletin on branded glassware provided by distributors to no cost to vendors. The summary section is reproduced below:

Chapter 2018-135, Laws of Florida, allows distributors to provide branded glassware at no cost to vendors, within certain parameters. The glassware must bear a permanent brand name intended to prominently advertise the brand. The distributor must receive the branded glassware at no cost on a no-charge invoice from a malt beverage manufacturer or importer. The distributor may only provide such glassware to vendors who are licensed to sell malt beverages for consumption on the premises. The allowable quantity of glassware is limited to ten cases of glassware per licensed premises per calendar year. All parties, including the manufacturer or importer, distributor, and vendor must maintain records of the gift of glassware for a period of three years. The effective date of the amendments to section 561.42(14), Florida Statutes, was October 1, 2018.