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Beverage Trends: Axe-Throwing Bars?


In the Beverage Trends series, I offer observations about developments in the alcoholic beverage industry nationally and in Florida.

This installation is related to the proliferation of axe-throwing bars in Florida.  Believe it or not, there is a hot axe-throwing trend spreading across the United States and the Sunshine State.


What is an axe-throwing bar?

Darts, billiards, and duck pin bowling have some new competition. An axe-throwing bar is exactly what it sounds like - you order alcoholic drinks, drink alcoholic drinks, and throw axes at targets.

According to Eater, our Canadian neighbors started this movement. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been following these axe-related developments closely.

Is this legal?

Florida famously has at least one gun range that holds a liquor license. Axe-throwing, especially if conducted in a safe and reasonable manner, doesn't appear to violate the Beverage Law.

You mentioned that the trend has spread to the Sunshine State?

Absolutely. At least four bars in Florida are or will be offering axe-throwing as an option for their customers. The perfectly named Chops + Hops in Ft. Lauderdale is slated to begin operations this fall, while a trio of Tampa-area bars (Axe Throwing Tampa, Raider Axe Lodge, and St. Pete Axe and Ale) are already in on the action.

Should I go to an axe-throwing bar?

It does seems pretty fun. Many of these establishments have wisely marketed themselves for special events - corporate team-building, bachelorette's parties, etc. I will definitely be visiting one soon. 

Should I open an axe-throwing bar?

Let's talk.

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